3 Principles to Profit from Unexpected Value

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Jun 21, 2023

To deliver unexpected value, it’s crucial that we adhere to three basic principles. When we do this, we take on a mindset of giving. This engenders engagement and loyalty.

Principle #1: We must be authentic

People won’t buy us or our products or services if they don’t believe in us. This means we must be true to our values and purpose. We must believe in what we do and why we do it. This authenticity must be demonstrated at every touch point: in meetings, online, on social media, and in all communication.
Such authenticity will ensure that we are not viewed as mercenaries, but that we have a higher purpose than profit. It is this that will help to attract and retain an audience that resonates with our way of thinking, and this helps us to be referred to others with similar views and values.

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Principle #2: We must demonstrate authority

The second principle is to ensure that we demonstrate authority and expertise in our subject matter. Knowledge and expertise build trust and loyalty. It allows us to lead conversations, with customers comforted by our opinions and observances that are based upon experience.

Subject authority is also reflected in our confidence – and when we are confident in ourselves, others become confident in us. This boosts our relationships in all situations – personal and professional, business, partnerships, negotiating, friendships, and romances.

Our experience, expertise, and knowledge also help us to find value for others. It helps us to understand problems and create solutions. It helps us to compose value-added questions that are designed to engage and excite others – to make them reflect and feel our desire to be helpful.

Principle #3: We must expect nothing in return

We give not to receive, but for the enjoyment it brings us. Think about Christmas or birthdays. We don’t expect a gift in return for a gift we present, do we?

Yet, in business, too often the act of giving is transactional. We give to receive.

Instead of this, we should give genuinely to improve the lives or businesses of others. Like our knowledge. We share our knowledge because we have an abundance of it. We donate clothes and other items to charity because we have an abundance of them. We give because we believe in ourselves and understand that what we give is valuable to others.
By giving, we create inner happiness and peace that is reflected in how we act and behave.

But here’s the thing. When we give without expectation of anything in return, we kick-start a circle of giving. Our gifts will induce returns, though these may not be in the form we expect. They may come from an unexpected source. And then there’s the joy of giving.

Expecting nothing in return puts us in a powerful position. We should never underestimate just how powerful this mindset is. Develop your gifting of unexpected value.

There are many ways that you can leave a positive and meaningful impression on others, including clients. You can give them something that they had never thought of, teach them something they didn’t know, or show them that you care about their business.

The best way to give your clients a gift is by giving them something they don’t expect. This will keep the relationship fresh and help you stay in their thoughts and hearts.

The gifting of unexpected value can come in many forms, such as giving someone a coffee when they come into the office or sending them an article that you know they will find interesting. This gifting can be used to build relationships with colleagues and clients and to show your authority on a topic.

It is important to remember that giving should not be expected to be reciprocated. When you give someone something unexpectedly, it’s important not to expect anything back in return.

Here’s a challenge for you:

Give unexpected value today. Think about what you can do to do so. Here are a few ideas:

  • Coach a colleague before they go into an important sales meeting
  • Refer a competitor for business that is not within your scope of specialization
  • Ask someone what you can do to help them today
  • Change your plans for your partner

What can you do today, to show a colleague, professional acquaintance, or client that you care? How creative can you get in giving unexpected value?

We’d love to hear your ideas, and, indeed, your experiences. How does giving make you feel? Have you received because of the unexpected value you have given?

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